The Network of Women from Rural Communities (NWRC)

NWRC supports joint work of women agro-producers from different areas to learn and help each other.

NWRC will provide connections and exchange ideas, initiatives, actions of regional or European agriculture, social innovations and cooperation under the aspect of agriculture and food system, to provide cross-national know-how about farm-related development, production and commercialisation in different areas.

  • To implement and support competency-based and work-based learning
  • - to launch an exchange of knowledge and initiatives for empowering rural women involved in agriculture or the agriculture supply chain

  • To enhance the quality and effectiveness of learning mobility experiences (physical and virtual mobility)
  • - to support the process of networking and develop access to exchanges and mobility connecting women with women (women-to-women approach)

    - to create conditions for exchanging lecturers and organising interstate sessions of lectures for women in rural areas

    - to develop models for international visits with the goal of learning and acquiring/improving skills and competencies for food production and agricultural entrepreneurship
  • provide cross-national transfer of know-how about programs of rural development, production and commercialisation agricultural productions
  • provide mobility of facilitators/educators belonging to community groups and grassroots organisations
  • establish a mechanism of direct contact between rural women included in the network to organise learning and transfer of good practice by virtual and physical mobility
  • provide to rural women virtual or physical meets to exchange experience and know-how or arrange study visits
  • interregional and European cooperation to contribute to the well-being
  • promote social inclusion and rural women as a key player in economies and societies
  •  support female farmers
  •  promote trends "Fresh Food Economy", agricultural entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development
  •  strengthen agricultural-related segments of the economy, improve rural development contributing to creating profit and hiring
  •  promote a healthy, sustainable local food system, consumption of local and quality food from small producers and encourage interdependent relationships while improving access to nutritious, fresh foods for all citizens
  • promote health, protect the agricultural assets and natural resources
  • Strategic document to sustainability, cooperation and interaction

  • Action Plan (a framework to empower rural women within the collaboration, education, exchange of ideas and good practice)
  • Access to further grant funding / improve and strengthen the coordination and use of funds (using different funding opportunities in the region/Europe)
  • Know-how transfer and provision (assistance to increase skills in designing and implementing projects with cross border and transnational impact)
  • Capacity building and transnational networking