About RWSFF Project

The project "Rural Women to Sustainable Food and Farming - Fresh Food from Farm to Table" (RWSFF) is co-funded by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union - for the action KA2 Strategic Partnerships in the field of Adult education. Within this project, the partners focus on promoting SDGs and strengthening rural development, with particular emphasis on women, but for the benefit of the general rural population.

World Economic Forum has recently underlined how much food systems are relevant to all 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The World’s population is rapidly growing, and as a result, food demand is expected to increase by as much as 98% by 2050. Understanding modern trends, as well as one of the key findings that a new “Fresh Food Economy” is emerging, partners are willing to share their rich experience in contributing to empowering rural women and enhancing rural development.

The project aims to contribute to rural women’s empowerment by encouraging new trends “Fresh Food Economy” and agricultural entrepreneurship, as well as additional farm-related segments of the rural economy, contributing to generating income and employment, taking into account the adaptability of methods and technologies to meet local conditions in each partner's country. The focus is on social inclusion to enhance access for disadvantaged people, especially for participants from vulnerable categories, such as rural women, small-scale farmers who are located in less-favoured areas, facing with social exclusion and limited market entry due to lack of entrepreneurial skills.

Through the project, we will provide mechanisms and a platform for women to mutually connect and share their knowledge and experience, as well as tools to make them easier to market entry and gain entrepreneurial skills. In addition to educating rural women, the project will enlighten public awareness of the need to boost the local economy and buy fresh food from the local market. Therefore, the project will have an educational character for all citizens.

This project brings together partners from four countries. The project partnership consists of EDUFONS - Center for Lifelong Education (Serbia), GRAMIGNA OdV (Italy), INSTITUTE OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT (Greece) and Association ISTARSKO - EKOMUZEJ IZ VODNJANA (Croatia).


  • To put in place a sustainable process of empowerment and self-initiative of rural women (involved in agriculture or the agriculture supply chain) which will continue to evolve after the project’s completion.
  • To promote the consumption of local and quality food from small producers.
  • To share innovative model within rural areas and create a bridge between similar characteristics areas by diffusing project outcomes, learning tools and methods at local, national and international levels.

Target groups of the Project

  • Rural women involved in agriculture or agriculture supply chain
  • Facilitators/educators for adults from grassroots organisations
  • Decision-makers