In this section you can get inspired by true stories

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English- In this section you can get inspired by true stories that you can find in the Access to Fresh Food Guide

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Serbian- У овом одељку можете добити инспирацију истинитим причама које можете пронаћи у Водичу Приступ свежој храни

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Croatian - U ovom odjeljku možete se inspirirati istinitim pričama koje možete pronaći u Vodiču pristup svježoj hrani.

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Italian- In questa sezione puoi trarre ispirazione da storie vere che puoi trovare nella Guida all’Accesso agli Alimenti Freschi.

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Ελληνικά- Εδώ μπορείτε να δείτε ιστορίες που μπορούν να σας εμπνεύσουν.


Eliza Ntouli is the owner of Marmeliza. The idea came from the huge quantity of the produced fruits in the area of the business and they are processed to products that are closely linked to the local tradition. The aim is to produce natural, tasty and aromatic jams with or without sugar, desserts, dried fruits and sugar-free pestil based on the traditional way of preparation. Tip: nothing is as easy as it seems, and it takes perseverance and patience to achieve the goals! Read more

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Avra Panousopoulou created Yiam flavor lab creates meals using the best available ingredients and we always try for a new taste based on classic Greek recipes. We prepare cooked meals ready to eat after just reheating. They contain no preservatives and can be consumed within 3 months, if refrigerated, and within 3 days after opening. Yiam flavor lab has been preparing many traditional and novel recipes and preserving them in jars that travel over the world and our fans have made it a priority to brighten their life with the best quality in prepared meals. Read more

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PPG Julijana Kiževska

Julijana Kiževska has been engaged in agricultural production for the last 5 years. In the beginning, I was exclusively engaged in field production, but in the last two years ago, I have expanded my agricultural activity to viticulture and vine growing. I am the owner of a vineyard that spreads over 2 hectares, of which in one part there are grapevines of high-quality indigenous wine variety Muscant Crocan. Although this vineyard is mostly nurtured by a "woman's hand", of course, I have significant help and support from my family. The agricultural farm is still in the initial phase, and I consider the cultivation of a high-quality Muscant Crocan grape variety to be my significant advantage. It is a type of grape unique in the world that thrives only here on the Pearl Island. I support and encourage women who are engaged in agriculture or would like to get involved in agricultural production. Although it is difficult to engage in agriculture, it has its beauties and advantages, such as working in nature. I would tell other women to do everything they do with love and then they will be rewarded.

Golden Tree

Eleni Zotou is a sole proprietor or “one-woman business”, an organic farmer of olive oil trees, and owner/producer of the Golden Tree brand of olive oil products. Golden Tree was created with the vision of selling agricultural products directly from the producer to the consumer. Our olive products and by-products are produced responsibly with the observance of all the required health and safety procedures, while the distribution of our products is carried out without intermediate suppliers, as much as possible. Read more

Slađana Radović PPG

Slađana Radović has said that for many years, her family has been engaged in market-oriented primary vegetable agricultural production (almost 40 years). We cultivate about 0.8 ha, of which 0.35 ha are under greenhouses. The main agricultural products in our business are peppers, tomatoes and lettuce. They have both winter and autumn production, so they grow lettuce in winter, while we grow other listed crops in summer and autumn. They have no additional workforce. Her two sisters and herself manage agricultural production with the support and help of their parents. She thinks that it is a good opportunity and a chance for women to focus their attention on the processing of agricultural products, because they are products with higher added value, and they are more profitable than the primary ones. And also, the key to competitive and sustainable agriculture lies in the various forms of associations (organisations, associations, cooperatives). Her advice is to turn to the application of organic production methods or to certify products. Also, it would be desirable to focus attention on marketing. First of all, I mean the packaging and appearance, and then the distribution channels (direct or online sales). Read more

PPG Jasmina Milivojević

Jasmina sail: "I have been actively growing vegetables since 2013, and I inherited the household from my father. I was born in Austria, but my homeland attracted me with its beauty, climate and fertile land. Thus were born new ideas and a desire to try in my own business. Thinking about what I could grow on my 2 hectares of fertile land, I decided to turn my ideas into the production of vegetable crops. I returned to my fatherland, to the village of Vrelo in the municipality of Ub in the Kolubara district, and started producing seasonal vegetables. I have developed vegetable production on 4 hectares, of which I have 2 ha and rent 2 ha. In the fields, under the open sky, I produce seasonal vegetables. 17 greenhouses (each 30 m long) have been set up on 6,000 square meters to extend the vegetable production season throughout the year. I grow zucchini, sweet peppers and cabbage from plant crops. I offer a variety of types. So my fields are colourful when yellow, green and red bell peppers ripen, when the red and green cabbage cover the land or when the zucchini bloom and bear fruit. Working in agriculture is difficult and risky. I would tell women to primarily produce healthy and quality products because survival on the planet depends on ourselves. I would also tell them that they should not be afraid to enter this type of production and not be timid of challenges. I advise them to diversify their agricultural production and opt for more different crops because if you lose on one harvest, you can cover it by profits from other crops."

Il Fuco e l'Operaia

Federica Lops is the owner of Il Fuco e L'OperaiaIl. Fuco e L'Operaia is a family farming project that was born from mine (Federica) and Valerio's passion for natural and environmentally friendly agriculture and farming. The project was born in 2014 and turned into a real company in 2016 where I am the owner and Valerio an employee. Today we breed more than 200 families of Apis Mellifera Ligustica with the permanent method on the territory of Cerveteri, we cultivate an olive grove with more than 350 plants Frantoio, Leccino and Pendolino varieties. We produce mixed-flower honey, propolis, beeswax and swarms; we offer services such as pollination of greenhouse and field crops and swarm recovery. We also deal with ApiDidattica through experiential workshops aimed at children and adults, and we offer for events and weddings Bombomiele (favors) made with honey. One of our main sales channels is direct sales, since there are no busy markets, we decided to invest in e-commerce and social media marketing campaign. Read more

Masseria della Contessa

Giulia Antonuccio is the founder of Masseria della Contessa, which is a young company, and fully represents the famous "return to agriculture". The guidelines we follow are represented by respect for the environment and nature. For this reason, we have chosen organic farming, small productions and crop diversification. We also choose to grow plants that are beneficial for the soil as they provide nutrients (legumes) and useful for the ecosystem because they attract pollinating insects such as bees and bumblebees (aromatic and medicinal plants). We intend to "do our part" trying to protect the environment and restore dignity to the farming profession, thus obtaining products of excellent quality. E-commerce allows us to work more easily for the organisation and logistics of our door-to-door vegetable service. It also facilitates the purchase by our customers and has definitely increased the number of our customers. In terms of sales, we had an increase during the lockdown as we deliver door to door. We had a slowdown regarding suppliers, procedures in place for the processing lab, and a slowdown regarding some calls for proposals we were participating in that have stalled. Read more

PPG “Marković”

Tijana Marković said:"Our agricultural farm Marković is mainly engaged in cattle breeding, although we also have planted plots of raspberries, blackberries and some plums (which are for home use). My father-in-law started this business about 15 years ago, then my husband continued, and I joined them 5 years ago. Slowly, step by step, we have developed a multifunctional agricultural household that has quality and healthy products in its offer throughout the year with mostly direct sales. I deeply believe that health lies in nature. There is nothing more beautiful than living in the countryside, farming, breathing mountain air and consuming clean water and food. Therefore, I strive to harmonise my agricultural activity with nature and respect for the environment, so that I can offer fresh and healthy products on the market. I would recommend everyone to visit the village as often as possible, thus helping the villagers to survive and make a living from their work, and in return, they give healthy and quality food." Read more

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PPG Marković

Danijela Marković is a young farmer from the Valjevo area. On her property in the village of Ogladjenovac, she makes delicious jams, sweets and juices from fruit. You can find the products at: Far from noise and pollution, at 340 m altitudes is our village. Our family farm "Marković" is tucked away in its beauties, surrounded by forests, meadows and springs. The farm is traditionally engaged in fruit growing, mostly plum and blackberry cultivation. We also process our fruits and vegetables into delicious and healthy handmade winter-preserves, keeping the tradition of our grandmothers. The basic feature and what we proudly point out is that we strive for quality, not quantity. I believe that the main strength and advantage of our farm lies in the preservation of nature and the uniqueness of the terrain on which we grow our fruits, as well as in careful processing using traditional recipes, but also in the readiness to adopt new knowledge and skills. For women who are farmers or would like to engage in agriculture and produce fresh and healthy food, I would say that quality and patience are key to success. Read more

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OPG Božac Sandra - Guranis

At the Guran station, near Vodnjan, on the road to Barban, there is a family farm and rural tourism Casa Rustica. In addition, there are Holiday House and Rooms. The Bozac family has been living on this family farm since 1992, when they came up with the idea to renovate the old property. I am the owner of this family business, and I was born on this estate. The whole family works diligently, enjoying the arrival of each new guest and looking forward to each new encounter with them. All intentional guests or passers-by, as well as all customers of Guranis services, are welcome to the Guran estate, to our tourist accommodation and rural tourism facilities. During the day, guests can enjoy refreshing drinks or coffee. For breakfast we offer local Istrian delicacies, mostly from our own production (various jams bread, cold cuts, cheeses, yogurt, fruit, sweet pastries), as well as organic breakfast and breakfast according to special needs. For lunch or dinner, we prepare typical Istrian dishes (various pasta such as fusilli, gnocchi, ravioli, pasta with various sauces and stews, and various meat plates with our products – cheese, prosciutto, etc.) In addition to a rich menu of raw food, we also offer an active vacation with cycling, horseback riding, quad adventures, sailing, canoeing, swimming, spa, makeup, walking, nature trips, workshops, lectures, evening entertainments and many other interesting things important for good health. Read more

OPG Milena Predan

OPG Predan was founded in 2004 in the area of Vodnjan. We are engaged in the production of cosmetic products from raw materials produced on the farm. We grow fruit and honey on our farm and we make cosmetic products from our own olive oil and medicinal herbs (face cream, body milk, oil, peeling, lip balm, soap). We started the production of cosmetic products in 2011. In the beginning, soaps based on olive oil, and soon the production expanded to moisturizers, body-milks, lip balms, etc. All our products are completely natural and are based on raw materials grown on our own farm, without the addition of parabens and preservatives. Today, from our range, we can offer you products based on olive oil. We also organised during the global pandemic this year and supplemented our website with one new project: "Domestic web market" By registering in the "Domestic web market" we get the opportunity to: quality, efficiently and cheaply present production resources, own products, production technology, location of activities, easily and economically build visibility – 'image' of our products and business as a whole, by choosing the most favorable ways of sale and payment plan, and with well time management Read more

OPG Farina

The main activity we are engaged in beekeeping, fruit growing, vegetable growing and olive growing. Beekeeping on our farm dates back to 1986. From then until 2008 to us, it was just an incidental hobby of a few hives. Due to the increased interest in honey and other bee products, we increased the number of hives to 15 and established our OPG. Today we count about 50 beehives located on two stationed apiaries, and the main pastures are acacia and meadow. Encouraged by the fact that we have free land with the possibility of irrigation, the same year (2009) we started with the trial planting of blackberries and raspberries. Realising that the soil and climate suit them, every year we slowly expanded the plantations because the interest in this type of fruit has grown, especially since the cultivation is fully adapted to eco principles. Today, raspberries and blackberries cover an area of 0.4 ha. Raspberries are mostly species that bear fruit several times a year, while blackberries yield once a year, and their harvest lasts about 40 days during July and August. In the next few years, we intend to expand the plantations to 1ha, and by entering the eco supervision from 06-2015 we want to further guarantee our customers to eat healthy and organically grown fruits and vegetables. Although the older part of the family (parents) has been growing vegetables for many years, with the increased demand for organically grown food, we have started producing various types of organically grown vegetables in the open. The most common crops are potatoes, onions, various herbs, tomatoes, peppers, legumes, leafy vegetables, pumpkins and other seasonal vegetables. In addition to bees, fruits and vegetables, we also grow olives that were planted a few years ago. We have approximately 200 olive trees, most of which are varieties of Leccino, Pendolino and slightly smaller Istrian varieties Bilica. The situation of the COVID pandemic has led us to sell all our products exclusively on the doorstep, at specialised fairs of indigenous products throughout Istria and through the web market. Read more

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